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This is what some of my clients had to say......

This is what some of my clients had to say:

Feedback and reviews are vital for me as a small business owner and more importantly as an artist. This feedback is not only read and appreciated. My clients are the reason I've maintained and perfected my artistic abilities.


If you haven't had the opportunity to leave a review, I would encourage you to do so by leaving your feedback on my Facebook page or through google reviews.


If theres something I can do to make your experience more enjoyable I encourage you to reach out to me directly.


Thank you for your feedback, your trust and most importantly thank you for your friendship! I couldn't have done it without you!

Clients speak....

I had my first tattoo session with Anastasia yesterday and I could not be any happier with the results. You walk into this beautiful studio that is more like a spa setting and very refreshing compared to the traditional tattoo parlours. It is also very private with just herself and you as the customer which makes for an intimate, quiet, relaxing experience. Her warm and beautiful smile will put you at ease right from the start. Her artistic knowledge and creativity are very apparent in her previous work (not just her tattoos) and in the work she does to create the perfect art piece you will have the honour to wear on your body. I had given her some basic ideas but she easily came up with a beautiful and colourful design that I am very proud to portray on my arm. Thank you again for the beautiful piece of art you created for me, for making feel welcomed and comfortable, and for the great conversations we had during the session. I look forward to adding another of your creations in the future.


I just wanted to express my gratitude to Ana for transforming the image of my beloved dog and best friend into an amazing tattoo. I admire her professionalism and great personality. She made me very comfortable during my first tattoo experience at age 62.


Ana's artistry has provided me with a life long memory of my companion of 14 years. I am so impressed, I have arranged for my next tattoo already.


An amazing experience. 



I was very pleased with my experience at Anabella Studio. The tattoo looks even better than what I had in mind!  Anastasia took the time to explain me how everything would go, since it was my first tattoo, and how to care for it after it was done. She also made sure I was comfortable and suggested I read during the session, which helped with the pain. I strongly recommend Anabella Studio! :-) 

Thank you again! 




I had the pleasure of having a cover up done by Anastasia this past Friday. From start to finish her service was impeccable. I have a few tattoos already but this is the first really large one that has been done. Anastasia worked quickly and effectively. She was quick to ensure that I was comfortable and explained what was happening throughout the process of having my artwork done. Awesome work!!!!!




Just wanted to send you photos of the tattoo healed up. It looks great. Thank you so much. The experiance in your studio was top notch. I was comfortable, and relaxed the whole time. So much so I almost started to nod off and sleep. Never has that happened given the circumstances. I can say from a guys perspective that the experiance was fantastic especially when getting something as personal as a tattoo. I like the quiet. No one using the space except me and the artist. That is definitely the way to go. I will recommend your studio and you to anyone who will listen that is interested in getting art done. 


Thanks again and I will be back for more. 





Going to Studio AnaBella for the first time was the best decision ‎I've made in a long time. The shop itself is not only clean and bright; it is absolutely beautiful and unlike any other studio out there that I've ever seen.‎ You get to sit back and look at beautiful artwork, chat with an exceptionally creative woman‎, and get an stunning piece of art forever on your body.
Anastasia, a true artist, was absolutely incredible and well prepared for our appointment. Honestly, I didn't even give her much direction to go on in terms of what I wanted - just a couple of photos of a certain style I liked. She ended up drawing four different designs for me and they were all so beautiful it was hard to choose just one to ‎ cover up the tattoo I had previously. I couldn't be happier with the final results!‎!

I would absolutely go back to Studio AnaBella and would never even think about using a different artist‎. Anyone who sits with Anastasia for any amount of time would understand what I'm talking about in saying she's a beautiful person, inside and out. A+++"



I absolutely love Studio AnaBella!! The moment you walk through the door, you are immediately impressed at who different it is from the standard tattoo place. The interior is bright, clean, and beautiful with elegant furnishings and fabulous artwork. If feels like you are being welcomed into someone's home. 
Ana is an amazing artist with such an incredible eye for what will look the best! She is a pleasure to work with and takes exceptional care of you. Her CocoTat aftercare is the best product I've ever used after receiving a tattoo. I heal beautifully using it and have started using it on other patches of dry skin. Love that stuff and will definitely be getting more on my next visit.  Overall, Studio AnaBella provides an absolutely exceptional experience!




    Hi Ana, I want to thank you for the great experience I had yesterday and for the beautiful mandala. You made me feel very comfortable and cared for – very important to me for this fist tattoo. Your studio is conductive to relaxation and your practices are impeccable. The first 24 hours are going well and I will keep updated with pictures.

  I am getting addicted to your awesome cream/balm! I want to use it for everything now and will go back to replenish my stock when I run out. Is it safe to use on the face and the eye area? I can guess it would be great as a night cream in winter.




   Most amazing experience ever! When you first walk in, the simplicity of the furnishings and decor really make it easy to see how clean the studio is, which is super reassuring and refreshing compared to the scuzzy places downtown; it felt more like a spa than a tattoo parlor. Next Ana takes the time to go over design ideas, sizes, positioning, every little detail to make sure you are getting exactly what you hoped for. And while she works, you have a beautiful view of ink and/or pencil sketches and drawings she's done that are decorating the opposite wall, more reassurance you are getting quality art. The aftercare instructions are thorough and clear and the cream she recommends is lovely. And she even makes herself available for follow up questions or concerns. I would very highly recommend Studio AnaBella to everyone!




   Ana, Words cannot express the absolute joy I felt when I first saw the beautiful work you did to cover up my awful tattoo!!! I'm still speechless! You're one amazing artist and I am so grateful I found you! I adore my beautiful new tattoo! Thank you so much!




   Ana is the best, I asked her to do a cover up of a bad tat that I got many years ago. The design I gave her was quite challenging she did a beautiful job, would definitely recommend her over any other artists she takes the time to listen to what you want and has the experience and knowledge to do any type of tattoo. I have already booked my next appt and can't wait to work with her again. While your there pick-up her cocoTat aftercare soap and cream, works great to heal and mosturize.




   Anastasia is such an amazingly talented artist. I was in awe in her shop with her talent all over the walls. She was great company and loved every second of my visit with her. I am sooooo honoured to have her work on my cover up tattoo. Sometimes you meet people for a reason and I'm sure glad I did. ❤ Thank you Ana.




   Just got a tatto from Ana and let me tell you, I am pleased. 
This was my first tattoo and I have been fearing the pain. Ana reassured me, explained the process to me and sugested alterations to my original idea that made the perfect tattoo come to life. 
The studio is beautiful, clean and relaxing. And this was not too painful, I will do it again! Thanks Ana for making this experience so great.




   Worth every penny! Clean and sterile studio, prepared and organized, relaxing environment, 6 tattoos and counting from Ana, not stopping there!! Incredible talent and artist.




   Amazing artist! Patient, talented, affordable and genuinely caring. Super clean shop and a very impressive portfolio. I'm already planning for my next tattoo and I can guarantee I'm going back to see Ana!




   Had an AMAZING experience with Ana!!!! There is not words to describe on how much i love my cover up. I am very proud of my tattoo NOW. She is Very very patient and a very good artist i recommend her without hesitation. Thank you soooooo much




   I wanted to thank you for making my first tattoo experience a great one. Your studio is impeccable and immediately soothing. I was recommended to you via two friends who had nothing but praise to give for your artistry and most importantly, your cleanliness. Although a little nervous, you immediately eased any minor concerns with your gentle approach. I felt bad that I changed my mind at the last minute on my second tattoo, but was remarkably impressed at your patience and your previous evenings sketches with your different ideas!

Your immaculate cleanliness was impressive and I felt no need to ask further questions.

I am so happy with both my wrist and rib tattoo, they turned out better than I had imagined and I have received plenty of compliments, even from my non-tattooed, not all that thrilled about me getting a tattoo husband!

Your CocoTat cream is amazing, not only because it works so well in the healing factor but because it is clean and pure.

You will be first to be recommended and recognized for your ingenuity, professionalism and compassionate service!




   I am in love with Ana ('s art)..:-) and I would never stray! ;-) 

I currently have three of her mini masterpieces and they are contributing to this masterpiece called 'me'.lol..I am not done yet and will one day be mostly covered I am sure! 

Ana is a true artist..posessing a wonderful gift. She was born that way!!! She is honest, caring, and will give you her best advice on what and where. Ana takes great pride in her work and in making her clients happy with their art.

Thank you for sharing your gift with the world Ana! See you again soon! Love ya! 




   I heard about Ana through a friend of mine who recommended her for me to get my first and what was supposed to be, my only tattoo. Well, 2 sleeves later I am still thinking of things for her to  tattoo on me!! I am not the most artistic and that can sometimes make it hard for her to come up with something but she always delivers with an amazing design and an even more pleasant experience being tattooed. I guess you can say I'm addicted to being tattooed but maybe I'm just addicted to the awesome experience from start to finish. I'll be getting tattooed as long as Ana is still tattooing!!



   First of I would like to say that I have known Anastasia since 2004 and I could only say good things about her and how fantastic of a tattoo artist she is...she is by far the best artist I have come across and I trust her with every work she has done on me and will always trust her with any future work she may do on me.
She is brilliant in every aspect of her profession and I would never go to any other tattoo artist if I ever need work done on me...let's put it this way if I was living in a differ country and was thinking of doing some more work on me, I would fly back to Ottawa and have Ana and only Ana do any work on me...she is that great and believe me she will not disappoint, basically what I am saying is GET A TATTOO FROM ANA she is the greatest..



   "I have been exclusively tattooed by Ana for 7 years now.  Over this period of time I have had her work on 7 different tattoos. Some small one session pieces some multiple long hour sessions.  Ana has designed all of these tattoos from scratch with little direction from me.  Her work is original, no fear of ever seeing your tattoo on someone else here.  My ink tells the story of my life and I wouldn't trust that to anyone else but Ana."




   Anastasia's approach to her client is a personal one. She makes you feel at home and lets you be yourself and makes you feel at ease when she works on you. She pays attention to details as to what you want for a tattoo. I have chosen my tattoo artist and Anastasia is the one for me. Keep up the amazing work Anastasia and look forward getting my next ink from you!! 




   Anastasia is an incredibly talented artist. Meeting Ana was like hitting the jackpot. Not only does she produce phenomenal work but she's a great girl to spend the time with. Win win all round. I am absolutely in love with every piece she's designed for me and always look forward to our next meeting.




   I just want to tell you thank you very much for such great work, you are an awesome artist, you were able to hide pretty bad tattos that i had in the past. I can't wait to have my full back done by you... thanks again



   Hi Ana just wanted to say thank you for the great work you have done for me!!
You are an amazing artist :) can't wait to get some more work done!!
Thanks a million,

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